Herkimer Diamond, Gemstone, and Fossil Sluice Bag + Sifter Combo!


The Herkimer Diamond sluice bags contain a minimum of 3 diamonds but may have as many as 10.

The gemstone sluice bags contain 10 – 15 random assorted gemstones.

The fossil sluice bags contain 10 – 15 random assorted fossils.


The Herkimer Diamond, gemstone, and fossil sluice bag  and sifter combo includes :

1 x Herkimer Diamond Sluice Bag

1 x Gemstone Sluice Bag

1 x Fossil Sluice Bag

1 x Sifter (Random Color – Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green)



Recommended instructions below:




Recommended Instructions:

  1. Fill large enough bucket to submerge sifting pan in with water.
  2. Pour a quarter of the sluice bag in the pan evenly.
  3. Dip pan into water and gently shake until sand disappears (Avoid submerging whole pan under water, dip in 75% of the way).
  4. Repeat until all sand is gone.
  5. Collect diamonds!

Herkimer Diamonds are beautiful doubly terminated quartz crystals already faceted by nature.

Herkimer Diamonds are extremely rare and are found mainly in Herkimer County.