Welcome to Miners' Table 

a pizzeria and chophouse!  

As Herkimer Diamond Miners discover a grouping of diamonds in a vug –or pocket- they hit what we call the “miners’ table”.  It’s usually a place where they always are greeted by Mother Natures’ many great finds. And, although you won’t discover diamonds at your table today, we know you will experience some superb culinary finds.  

While at the restaurant, enjoy the many displayed clusters (diamonds that have grown together) in the front room.  In the middle room, take in the 500 million year old pockets of Herkimer Diamonds, all of which were founded in the Miners’ Table.

Open Wednesday - Sunday for Dinner 5 PM - 9PM

Miners' Table Banquet Facility

Hold the event you've envisioned at Miners' Table! Choose your room options from the Clusters Room, Pockets Room, Diamonds Roomor Prospectors' Pavilion.  We host a variety of service styles including buffet, family, plated, or cocktail party including breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner menus. Call today for more information! 315-891-3463